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Hawaii Biking Info


E-Bikes are hands down the very best way to explore an area. You can easily cover lots of ground, while still getting an up close and personal look at all the scenery and attractions. 


Ride as far to the right as is safe and wave traffic by when possible. RESPECT all traffic laws, stop signs and lights! Bicycle riders are vulnerable on the roadways. Riding your rental after dark is not allowed. We want to encourage mutual respect that will keep us a little safer. Smile, Shaka and show your Aloha!


Remember to always wear a helmet, gloves, appropriate bike shoes, and sunglasses. Travel safely and wear sunscreen. Take a map, water, snacks, sunscreen, bike repair kit and any other accessories that will ensure a friendly, uneventful, but wonderfully scenic ride.

Recommended Areas

There are many great areas to ride on Kauai. Take a look at the Kauai Rides tab to find a route that suits your level. We look forward to getting you riding and would love to help you get the most out of your vacation and venture the island in a unique way!