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In case you’re wondering…

Why choose E-Bikes?

Electric Bikes are a fun and easy way to get around and still get exercise! Avoid the high prices of gas and crowded parking lots with our e-bikes. Not to mention the good times each member will have on their own means of unlimited electric-powered transportation.

How do Electric Bikes work?

E-bikes run on an electric motor that draws power from the lithium ion battery pack. Most electric bikes can be propelled forward by manually pedaling, using the throttle in addition to pedaling, or using just the throttle. Each of our Electric Bikes have all three modes built in.

Are Electric Bikes safe to operate?

At their core, electric bikes operate like regular bicycles, and can reach similar speeds. Just like a non-electric bicycle, there are brakes that allow you to slow down and stop. Please follow all normal safety precautions that would follow with a normal bicycle. Always adhere to the rules of the road.

What's the difference between Throttle Control vs. Pedal Assist?

The pedal-assist mode works in tandem with the electric motor to give you a little boost. Imagine someone who starts pushing you on a regular bicycle only when you start pedaling.

The throttle only mode works like the throttle on a moped or motorcycle. You can hum along or quickly pick up speed using only the electric engine.

How do rental deliveries work?

We will bring electric bikes to you! A Biking in Paradise expert will go over your bike features. Once you are done, we will come pick it up. Couldn't be simpler!

How do I get my rental free?

If you end up falling in love with our e-bikes, (most people do) and you live on the mainland and would like to purchase an e-bike, we will apply your weekly rental to your purchase of the e-bike. This option results in having your one-week e-bike rental for FREE!!